The cat and monkey

The cat and monkey

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The feline world can be tough sometimes - which is why it's always handy to have a limber legged friend to unwind with. Flexing it's spine and leaning forward, this domestic kitty enjoys a comforting back massage from a young crab-eating macaque clinging onto its back.(Hendy Mp/Solent News)

Mexican man pets a jaguar

Mexican Jaguar

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Maya is a friend of Raphael's who send a gift for Raphael, his friend had originally planned to release Maya. His appetite is good, eat more than 5 pounds of turkey, fish, beef, venison and wild boar every day. In order to maintain the health of Maya, Rafael will take it out for a walk every day, even when he go to a restaurant meal with Maya.

Magical India: cheat mode global invincible

India Hindu Festival

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Hindu devotees travel on a crowded passenger train as they arrive for the Guru Purnima festival in the temple city of Goverdhan, about 145 kilometers (91 miles) southeast of New Delhi, India, Saturday, July 24, 2010. Guru Purnima, or Guru's full moon day, is observed in many parts of India to pay respects to one's Guru, or teacher. (AP Photo/Pawan Sharma)